Sfantul Giuseppe Moscati: „Iubirea care vindeca”




Prayer to Saint Joseph Moscati

O Saint Joseph Moscati,
doctor with a huge heart,
in the exercise of your profession
you cured the body and spirit of your patients,
turn towards us too who now run to you
with faith in your intercession.

Give us physical and spiritual health,
so that we can serve our brothers
with generosity.
Alleviate the pain of those that suffer,
give comfort to the sick,
consolation to the afflicted,
and hope to the hopeless.
Make that the sick might encounter
doctors like you: human and Christian.

The youth find in you a model of life,
the workers, an example, the old, comfort,
and the dying, hope in eternal salvation.
Be for all of us a sure guide:
teach us to work with serenity,
honesty and charity,
to be able to complete in a Christian way
our everyday tasks.

Saint Joseph Moscati,
pray for us!



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